Thursday, August 20, 2009

A child was not born today, a life did not begin, nor did joy fill a mothers heart. Only oppositions happened today.
It makes you question your faith. Is there really A God watching over us from the heavens? Or do we control ourselves and create our own destinies? Does He really listen to us? Or do we just want to pretend theres someone up there, just for our sakes?
At this moment I dont know what to think anymore. I was already weak in my faith, but today just blew me out of the proverbial water.
Where does your faith stand?

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  1. In my heart, I know that God is not only real, but also acutely aware of you. Else, why would I have been lead to your blog tonight after such a post and felt like I needed to tell you. All is well my friend. It may not feel like it after such a painful experience, but it is true. Where does my faith stand? My Faith doesn't stand kneels mostly.