Thursday, August 20, 2009

A child was not born today, a life did not begin, nor did joy fill a mothers heart. Only oppositions happened today.
It makes you question your faith. Is there really A God watching over us from the heavens? Or do we control ourselves and create our own destinies? Does He really listen to us? Or do we just want to pretend theres someone up there, just for our sakes?
At this moment I dont know what to think anymore. I was already weak in my faith, but today just blew me out of the proverbial water.
Where does your faith stand?

Monday, August 3, 2009


Chinatown amazes me. LA's Chinatown is alright. There is the usual
streets with vendors trying to sell everything they can to unsuspecting tourists. I find it funny. I mean they know what they are buying is useless but they don't care. Whether it be the goodness of their heart trying to help out a fellow or just trying to buy something to remember the moment, they all have their reason to go against their gut and buy something. Its actually comforting to know that what ever you sell there will always be someone out there willing to buy it. Danke to all those...people.
Good luck selling your junk.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grand Beauty

Not too long ago I visited a family member in Arizona. An aunt of mine had just given birth to a small boy. The miracle of birth is beautiful and it can really make you see how important life is. But that wasn't the reason for my excitement. Don't get me wrong, i love newborns and all the mess they bring along; however being in Arizona to me only meant one thing. I have the chance to see the Grand Canyon. The biggest canyon known to man and I wasn't about to pass on the opportunity to see it.
So we packed and hit the road, a very long road indeed. The drive took almost eight hours. Most of which was spent looking out the window and dripping music into my ears through the ingenious creation of an mp3 player. The only problem was there was nothing to look at. Everything was just bare land. Not even mountains or anything that could remotely be interesting. It was just nothing. So i decided that the only way to ride was to sleep. 8 hours later we were in Arizona.
My aunts house was not very far, the first thing i looked for was the bathroom. Then i saw my cousin sitting on the front porch. We started talking and soon enough I forgot about the whole bathroom thing, until he reminded me.
After lunch, we headed out to see the beast. When we arrived, i noticed that almost all the cars there had licence plates from states other than Arizona. I guess they get bored after a while.
Once we got out of the car, I was amazed. I didn't realize how deep and long this thing really was. You get dizzy if you stare down long enough. It was really a natural wonder. Everything about it screamed Creation. It was almost like looking at a time line, since the layers of rock were each separately dated. You could see the bands of different types of stone that had been eroded by the elements into this beauty. Its something that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Never Before

One of my favorite photos. It is also in Downtown, I believe it was on Wilshire Blvd. I took the photo through an alley way, in front of the Macy's Plaza. I had passed it during the day a billion times but I had never seen it at night. It was beautiful.
I don't know why but it reminds me of the Eiffel Tower, I know random right?I think its the lights.
It was the last photo I took that day, and it made me feel very accomplished. I went home and logged on to myspace and did a little socializing and went to bed. It was the perfect day.
The next day I had to work so I didnt really have a chance to look at all the photos from the day before. Once i did look at them I was amazed. I thought it came out better than expected. I have not been able to find a subject as good as this one since.
Maybe Im not looking hard enough.
I should probably start looking at places that are not normally considered beautiful. That would be a challenge, but I love getting gritty with my camera.

Take A Seat for Esperanza

I was a little lost when I took this picture. It had been a really long time since I had been Downtown, and well I could not seem to find 3rd street. You see the street is broken off by a huge apartment complex. So I was walking and I came upon this small park.
I remember that as a little boy I used to go Downtown quite often with my parents, and every time I would see this little park and hoped that I could go in there and see how it was. And as luck would have it, I finally had the chance to actually visit the place. Boy was it small! It is the smallest park I had ever seen. It was also the dirtiest. As I walked in a rat about the size of my shoe (11) ran across my feet. The only thing I really did like was the view and the sign that was at the entrance. The sign read: ESPERANZA, meaning Hope in Spanish. It was quite interesting because it was spelled backwards.

Written On Steps

This is part of a collection of photos I took in Downtown Los Angeles. The location? The Los Angeles Public Library. It really is a great place to visit, not only for the lovers of reading, but for those who just want to relax and take a seat in the library's gardens. Granted there will be a few bums that will accompany them, but their not so bad.
The last time I was there a young lady offered me food. I think she was a bum. She told me that she was just giving it away, I said no thank you. However, she seemed kind of embarrassed. Did she think I was a bum? That is very depressing.

Away From The Sun

The photo is one of the first pictures where I realized that I was good. I dont mean to

brag or anything, but you have to admit the picture is of very good quality (although I did capture it with a Canon PowerShot SD630 Digital Elph). One of the things that I enjoy about the photo is the expression of the subjects. I'll call the girls K and R, for privacy's sake. Now K
(green shirt) is absolutely content with an object out of the capture. She embodies the high school spirit, caught in the middle of adulthood and adolescence. Then there's R, an absolute contrast to K. R is more, shall we say self conscious? She knows the camera is there so she immediately shields up and is caught between thoughts.
BTW: I shot this photo for the Yearbook at my high school, but we did not use it for anything. I guess we could not find a topic that was good enough to have the privilege to share a page with this magnificent photo. Don't you agree? :)