Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Away From The Sun

The photo is one of the first pictures where I realized that I was good. I dont mean to

brag or anything, but you have to admit the picture is of very good quality (although I did capture it with a Canon PowerShot SD630 Digital Elph). One of the things that I enjoy about the photo is the expression of the subjects. I'll call the girls K and R, for privacy's sake. Now K
(green shirt) is absolutely content with an object out of the capture. She embodies the high school spirit, caught in the middle of adulthood and adolescence. Then there's R, an absolute contrast to K. R is more, shall we say self conscious? She knows the camera is there so she immediately shields up and is caught between thoughts.
BTW: I shot this photo for the Yearbook at my high school, but we did not use it for anything. I guess we could not find a topic that was good enough to have the privilege to share a page with this magnificent photo. Don't you agree? :)

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